Cuban Hotels and Resorts

Cuban hotels are owned by the government or, at least, have a partnership agreement with Cuban authorities. Most hotels can be located and booked by the traveler online or over the phone though hotel staff or the Cuban government.

Most non-US travel agencies will also make arrangements, set up guided tours and arrange transportation. It is possible just to show up and ask for a room, but hotels can get busy in the high season and may have no vacancy.

The western-managed hotels are four- or five-star establishments and, depending on the location and season, expect to pay at least $100 CUC a night. There are also lower-grade motels intended for locals that, if they accept foreigners, can be a very cheap way to travel.

Havana Cuba Hotels

Some of the hotels that you might want to consider.

  • Hotel Melia Cohiba
  • Hotel Saratoga
  • Hotel Parque Centrale
  • Hotel Nacional
  • Hotel Conde de Villanueva
  • Hotel Sevilla
  • Hotel Telegrafo
  • Hotel Raquel
  • Hotel Palacio de San Felipe y Santiago de Bejucal
  • Hostal del Tejadillo
  • Hostal Valencia
  • Hostal Beltran de Santa Cruz
  • Havana Hilton
  • Hotel Chateau Miramar
  • Hotel Palacio O'Farrill
  • Hotel Florida
  • Hotel Victoria

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