Casa Particulars (Cuban Bed and Breakfasts)

Casa particulars are lodgings that, set up in people's homes, are run in partnership with the government. They are setup much like bed and breakfasts and are, really, the cheapest, legit option. Hotel-like rooms are the most common type of casa particular, though it may be possible to have an apartment or even an entire house.

The service gives tourists a chance to experience life in the island nation first hand. In the bigger cities, like Havana and Santiago, casa particulars cost around $50 CUC ($50 CDN) a night. In smaller cities and towns, it can be as little as $15 CUC ($15 CDN) a night.

Staying at a casa particular, which can be arranged in advanced individually or through an agency, can mean a welcome service is provided at the Havana Airport with a guide to bring you to your "casa away from home." Meals, from breakfast to dinner, are included for very little money and the family that owns the home can provide guided tours and any assistance a tourist may need.

Please note that the lovely B&B accommodations that you can find all around Cuba, casa particulars, are sometimes spelled as casa particulares.

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