Tourist Attractions

Cuba is rich in culture and adventure. The nation's government has taken great strides in recent years to upgrade the tourist infrastructure so as to be more attractive to tourists of all types, be they families, eco-tourists or those looking for a cultural experience. Tourism has, in turn, become a great source of revenue for Cuba and the country has become a great source of fun for tourists

In Havana, strolling the Malecon, which is the roadway and seawall that runs along the northern section of the city, is a must. Old Havana is a great trip into the past and those interested in an even deeper historical perspective should visit the city's revolution museum, called "Museo de la Revolucion." Museum visitors can learn about the country's contentious history through actual artifacts, images and guided tours. There are other museums, like the rum museum, that can be a lot of fun as well.

Sport fishing is popular among tourists, as is scuba diving and other ocean fun. The Bellamar Caves, located about 60 miles from Havana, have become a popular tourist destination. Anyone who has ever seen the caves will tell you they are, with eye-catching crystal and rock formations, breathtakingly beautiful. There are nature reserves, swamps, towering mountains, water falls and jungles to see in Cuba, making it a very popular eco-tourism destination. Havana has historic parks, cemeteries and buildings throughout the city, but there is also plenty to see in the rest of the country. Some cities to consider visiting include: Camaguey, Holguin, Santa Clara and Guantanamo.

The country is, for the most part, family and kid friendly, with plenty to do for everyone. However, bringing the whole family to Cuba is not easy on a tight, shoestring budget. Like much of the world, the city is more geared toward adult tourists so many families opt to stay in all-inclusive resorts that are more secure, kid friendly and brimming with organized activities. For example, the Playa Pesquero resort in Holguin has a kids' club, activities for teens, boat adventures, an assortment of in-house restaurants and, of course, a gorgeous beach. These types of resorts better enable parents to relax.

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