Cuban Cigars

Cigars are one of Cuba's largest exports. Cigars from Cuba are rolled with native tobacco leaves by rollers (aka "torcedores") who are claimed to be the finest cigar rollers in the world.

Cigar production is controlled by the government and each brand can be produced in one of several production plants.

When shopping for cigars in Cuba it is advised to avoid purchasing from individuals on the street because the cigars may not be top quality. Here are a few tips to make sure you're getting a great tasting Cuban cigar:

  • Cigars should be in a sealed cedar box
  • Cigars should be the same length
  • Cigars should have an aromatic smell to ensure the tobacco is fresh.

When leaving Cuba each eligible visitor is permitted up to $200 CUC ($200 CDN) worth of cigars. Make sure to keep your receipts as you may be asked to show them to airport custom officials.

"A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier."
- Che Guevara

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