Car Rentals

Renting a car is probably the easiest, most hassle free to get around Cuba. There are rental stations at the airport and at most major hotels in the Havana area, with most being state-controlled. Rentals can run between $40 CUC ($40 CDN) per day and $80 CUC ($80 CDN) per day.

Traveling the rest of the island

Parts theft, especially wheels and wipers, are not uncommon in Cuba so renters should pay for parking with 24-hour surveillance. It's also recommended that tourists double check the car before accepting a rental and make mention if anything like the jack or the spare tire is missing. Insurance is available, running between $10 CUC ($10 CDN) and $20 CUC ($20 CDN) per day.

If you're not into renting cars, hitchhiking is possible in Cuba and, generally, a common way for the locals to get around outside of the cities. There is a train service, but it's not very reliable. Really, if you're not renting a car, the bus is the best option. While there are many bus lines to choose from, the Via azul, with a terminal right in downtown Havana, reliably connects to all tourists hot spots, it's comfortable and it even has air conditioning.

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