Cuban Currency & Exchange Rates
(US, Canadian, British Pound, Euro)

American currency and credit cards are no longer accepted in the country, but Canadian cash, Euros and many other currencies, can be exchanged for convertible Cuban pesos (CUC) or Cuban pesos (CUP).

Because you can't buy Cuban money anywhere but Cuba, it's a good idea to bring plenty of cash. Canadian-issued credit cards and traveler checks can be used to rent hotel rooms, pay for meals at some restaurants and occasionally shop in higher-end stores, but leave your American Express at home.

The CUP is sometimes used by tourists for everyday items and tipping, while the go-to currency tends to be the CUC. Cubans are paid in CUP, but CUCs are more widely accepted and, depending on variable exchange rates, generally more valuable. Recently, the CUP has been pretty much on par with the US and Canadian dollar. It's about $1.6 CUPs for every British pound and $1.5 for every Euro.

Warning: It is very important that tourists familiarize themselves with the CUC and CUP before exchanging cash as it is one of the most scam-riddled transactions on the island. When asking for CUC, make sure you get CUC. Never exchange money with somebody on the street, no matter what.

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