Tourist Visitor Card

To travel to Cuba all you need is a passport and a Cuba Tourist Card (aka Cuban Visitor Visa). If you're flying to Cuba from Canada on a Canadian airliner, the flight crew will supply you with the card mid-flight and it is included in the cost of your ticket. Always ask about the card before buying tickets with any airliner.

When you land, Cuban officials take one half and you take the other. Don't lose your half. To replace it can be costly, time consuming and it could potentially result in you missing your flight home.

Canadians get a 90-day card that can be renewed in Cuba for another 90 days. For Americans, it's valid for 30 days and can be renewed in Cuba for 30 more days. If you are flying on Cubana or most other national carriers, you'll have to purchase a Cuban Tourist Card from your airline prior to departure.

Cards cost about $20.00 and are available at the airport. The cards can also be purchased from Cuban Consulates in Canada in advance of travel, but the process is long and costly.

Important note: Fill out the cards carefully. Damaged cards with too much crossing out are rejected and a new one needs to be purchased. Travelers should also note that Cuba requires visitors to have non-US medical insurance and authorities will sell temporary policies to those who aren't covered.

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