Ground Transportation

As far as getting around Havana and the Havana International Airport are concerned, there are a number of pickup and drop off options, though there is no underground transit system or trolley service.

The city is very walkable, there are buses and the legit taxis are, for the most part, reliable. While some freelance-owned taxis, often straight out of the 1950s, look like fun, they're technically illegal and should be avoided. The legit taxi companies are generally more modern, government-owned vehicles. Tourists also enjoy the zippy, adrenaline-pumping ride provided by converted motorcycles called "Coco-Taxis." Often with room for four adults, the three-wheeled mango-looking taxis are a lot of fun, but can be a bit scary for the faint of heart.

Generally taxis run for about 50 cents a kilometer, but the Coco-Taxis and freelance taxi services can vary in rates. Don't be afraid to negotiate the price with the driver, but always make sure to have a clear agreement before getting in any vehicle. The best advice is to simply make a low offer and, if they don't take it, offer the same to the next driver until you get what you want. There's no shortage of drivers in Havana and, like most of Latin America, you will be asked constantly if you need a lift.

In old Havana, horse-drawn buggy rides are readily available and bicycle-powered rickshaws line the streets. But, if taxis, rickshaws and public transportation aren't your thing, car, motorcycle, scooter and bicycle rentals are all readily available. If you choose to rent a bicycle, it is recommended that you bring your own lock, tool kit and tire pump. To rent anything, deposits and advance reservations are usually required.

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